Anti Squirrel Terrorism Team (ASTT) was stood up early this year and is aligned with the Pacific Basset Feet under the office of Boneland Security. ASTT has Teams all over the United States with a few teams in England.

ASTT has had an extremely high OPS Tempo this year. Here are some of the highlights:

11 May: Nigel, Conley, Llewis & Mr. Copper's dadperson was wounded in an attack on their compound.

27 May: The #1 Terrorist Squirrel in the nation was taken out by the ASTT, Gulf Coast Division.

21 Jun: Gulf Coast Team severely wounded another Squirrelistan who, intel tells us, ultimately died from his wounds.

July: The Kentucky team was one busy team with 3 squirrel KIA's in as many weeks.

19 July: We had an assassination attempt of the Gulf Coast Teams momma; the assassin was never brought to justice and was named the new #1 Terrorist Squirrel

20 Jul: Our intel spies brought disturbing news to light of Squirrelistan training camps. Shortly after tha,t Nelly Belle of the Dog House Gang team was kidnapped and later rescued by her 2 legged sister. WAR was declared on all of Squirrelistan. PBF Destroyer Floppy Ears was deployed as well as all of ASTT and the PBF.

22 Jul: Squirrelistans infiltrated Henry's house through the soffits and had set up a FOB (Forward Operating Base) right over his head! Just declassified this morning a SEAL team was deployed to quietly remove those terrorist and destroy

their FOB shortly after they were discovered.

24 Jul: the Dog House Gang fell under attack & Brudder Nikko C@T was an captured by da DANG Skirrel Lubber.  By Order of Ruger, the ASTT Director Bazzle arrested the squirrel lubber and threw her in the Brig for treason.

25 Jul: ASTT HQ was under chemical attack by the squirrelistans using Itchycyde. Shortly after that hounds all over the country fell under the chemical attack of these monsters, making their skin break out and itch & scratch like mad hounds.

27 Jul: Winston & Sadie of the KY Team bagged another terrorist bringing, their kills to 4!

Aug: Muldoon enlisted the aerial skills of a Mockingbird to help fight against the squirrels. Mocker 3, Squirrels 0.  Also in August The NC Team reported of the RaTaliban teaming up with the Squirrelstans. Ruby Doo started intense Anti-Ratilaban training for her team. Squirrelistans bombed the NC team with nutz and training missions turned quickly to seek and destroy missions.

28 Aug: the KY team was able to enlist the aid of all citizens in the state of Kentucky to help in the annihilation of the dreaded sqwirls that have infiltrated their Area of Operation.Many squirrel went off to met their making through OPERATION SQUIRREL SEASON. Intel report from Conley repawted that the squirrelistans were now using mausers as RECON teams.

11 Sep: In honor of 911 Nigel took out a squirrelistan.

22 Sep: The Doug House Gang ASTT, RECON Mission on some of the Squirrelistan training camps came back with intelligence report pictures that the squirrelistans are becoming an increased threat to the free basset world with Squirrelistans posing as US soldiers (a little shorter and furrier) & Squirrel Sniper training. KY AST Team was deployed to Danbury to take out the leafy Danbury terrorist that was bombing humans and hounds alike walking in the Danbury park. Mission Accomplished.

Norfolk Naval Base's communications was taken out by a Squirrel team and the NC Team was deployed to assist the human Navy SEAL team. On their way back home they swung by Dewy's to take out the orchard band of squirrels that were trying to poison their food chain.

There were many other missions by ASTT around the globe, some are still CLASSIFIED Top Secret so we cannot talk about those. Intel from troops in the field revealed that goats, & moles were also working with the Squirrelistans. Colt, Ruger, Sadee Mae & Bazzel even went on a top secret mission to France to protect the Royal Princesses from terrorist squirrels. 

Ruger is pleased to announce that the KY ASTT is the 2010 Anti-Squirrel Terrorism Team of the Year! Congratulations!

So it has been a busy year and we expect 2011 to be just as busy. ASTT will continue to defend the Free Basset World and protect our homes and humans from the Terrorist Squirrelistans and all of their minions.

ASTT forever Vigilant!
Ruger ASTT Director